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Keeping an overview of the tax labyrinth– A case for specialists

Property, inheritance or gift tax: sooner or later, the complex field of taxes on Federal, state and municipal level will touch all citizens. Tax laws stipulate who has to pay what taxes. They do provide rights and freedom of design of the tax payers, however. These must be utilised. Those who capitulate before the forms, statements and paragraphs, however, will be well advised to put their tax-law matters in our professional hands.


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Tax-optimised asset handover

Passing on personal assets to the next generation while keeping taxes as low as possible and staying legal: This process is subject to complex legal provisions both for inheritance and gifts made during one's lifetime. We see our task in the strategic consulting, specialist preparation and tax optimisation of transfer of assets.

Evaluation of operating assets

Inherited or gifted operating assets in the form of an individual company or in company shares is subject to inheritance tax. To determine the amount of the tax, a revenue value procedure independently of legal form must determine the value of the operating assets. Please do not hesitate to contact us of you need any help for this!

Corporate succession

The changing inheritance and gift-tax laws result in changes that may be quite complicated where taxation of company transfers is concerned. Keeping an overview here can be worth cash. In cooperation with tax advisors, we create optimal tax prerequisites for your corporate succession.


International inheritance tax law tax design models

There is no state-comprehensive international inheritance tax law. Every state stipulates inheritance cases with a foreign reference, including the corresponding conventions, by a dedicated international tax law. It must be avoided that the same inheritance is subject to double taxation this way. We take action in advance and develop matching tax concepts for you

Family pools

The target of a family pool is bundling private and/or operational asset values and preserving them for several generations. Its management and administration require high specialisation and practical experience. Our team of lawyers and tax advisors is always by your side in matters of tax and company law.

Inheritance tax law

Inheritances always also coincide with tax obligations. Means of design, such as testaments and inheritance contracts, as well as tax classes, exempt amounts and benefits do, however, contain potential for tax reduction. Inheritance- and tax-law competences go hand in hand in our firm to let us use all options before and after the inheritance.

Gift-tax law

As an important instrument of corporate and asset succession, gifts are deemed advanced inheritance. This way, gifts among the living will also incur a tax. Calculated with care and depending on the relationship between those involved and the manner of the gift, exempt amounts and benefits also lead to enormous tax-savings potential there

Corporate evaluations according to the discounted cash flow procedure (IDW S1)

In the scope of globalisation and border-crossing corporate mergers, the discounted cash flow method is gaining in importance in addition to the traditional revenue value procedure. Accepted by the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IDW), it is used for corporate assessment in transactions and for value-oriented corporate taxation.

Real-estate evaluation under tax law

Value determination of property under tax law is required to transfer property, e.g. due to a divorce, foreclosure, inheritance or gift. The expert report forms the basis of the tax amount arising. We will cooperate with specialised experts in your individual case.

Kanzlei Maltry, Steuerrecht München

Tax law is closely connected to inheritance law

Will inheritance tax arise in all cases, or are there any exempt amounts? What does the amount of the inheritance tax depend on? How will inherited property or gifts be calculated under tax law? We are the right contacts for you if you find yourself facing such or similar questions.

As specialist lawyers for inheritance law, we specifically look at the areas of tax law that are relevant for inheritances, transfers and gifts. We will advise you comprehensively concerning tax effects in cases such as these in the private and business areas. Our support will keep you safe at all times in terms of tax law. Asset transfer or corporate succession, tax evaluation of property or operating assets: From case to case and depending on your needs, we involve cooperating specialists such as tax advisors and public accountants. Together, we will develop an individually tax-optimised concept for you.

Count on us and your trust will pay off!

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Renate Maltry

Specialist lawyer in family law and specialist lawyer in inheritance law, certified executor AGT e.V.


Andreas Völker

Specialist lawyer for tax law, specialist lawyer for inheritance law, certified executor AGT e.V.


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